About Us

Arin Veneer Boutique, a venture of Arin Wood Products Pvt. Ltd. is one of the avant garde companies in the globe of customizing Veneer and interior designing contrivances. A veteran expert in Plywood and Veneer Segment, Shri Arun Thirani with more than 30 years of experience laid down the foundation of Arin Veneer Boutique. He spearheaded the growth of Arin from single state operations, limited service offerings foothold and customized services making Arin Veneers a preferred choice for Leading Architects and Interior Designers globally. The company has had rhetorical progress due to a charismatic leadership team and their discerning appetite to innovate new designs of veneer keeps the company at the forefront of its clash with the other titans in the market. Arin Wood Product Pvt. Ltd. encapsulates the technologies in a multitude of habitues and craft out modus operandi for building state of art crafts of the century.

Cognition with Arin Wood Product Pvt Ltd. is rapt with a plethora of advantages along with specialization in offering all sorts of customization in veneers. The company has always implanted utmost paramountcy to “faith” which has resulted in products with unsurpassed features and super incumbent infrastructure which are a cut above the rest of the bandwagon. The paramount preeminence attributed to customer delight has made the company out-turn exemplify each client’s persona into their custom-made veneer products which makes each creation genesis a dream come true for the customer taking their vindication to personify unfathomable.No stone is left upturned in quality at Arin and a conglomeration of over 2000 designers and architects adroitly actualize dream products using superlative quality of raw materials adeptly culled from the unfathomable terrains and forests. Each minutia carved out from Arin is meticulously patterned with paramount transcendence to design, quality, monetary equivalence and propitious to the environment. The people of Arin are always at your beck and call and patulous to support round the clock.